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Dr. Denise O'Neil Green


Global leader in equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), anti-racism, organizational change, and transformational leadership.

Helping you build change that lasts

30 years of experience steering large and complex organizations towards human rights-centred change.

Our Work

Our Work

Helping you help your people

We help leaders create informed, practical, and effective EDI strategies and initiatives that bring real change to organizations so their people can thrive and flourish.

We are bold, compassionate change-makers that give you tangible results.

Why Hire

Why Hire Denise O'Neil Green Consulting?

We're here for you

If we all want to make change, we have to build it to last. 

A lot of organizations invest in EDI consultants but struggle when it comes to implementing what they've learned. That's because most EDI work doesn't go deep enough. 

At Denise O'Neil Green Consulting, we're different. Our work drives for change at the heart of the problem by bridging personal gaps while also addressing organizational challenges. 


Learn more about how and why we give change the chance it needs to last. 

Media Appearances

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Awards and Recognitions

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Featured EDI Insights

Hire Denise O'Neil Green Consulting

We're here for you

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